Fire Doors

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We Supply, Install and Inspect Fire Doors

Fire doors help prevent the spread of fire and smoke and the damage they cause. Building regulations specify the use of fire doors for certain parts of a building, to do different jobs – things like protecting escape routes, and keeping plant and electrical equipment safe from fire.

It is important that fire doors are kept closed and well maintained – wedged open, or damaged or ill-fitting doors can cause problems when it comes to an insurance claim.

Fire Safety & Compliance NI supply, install and inspect fire doors and provide an inspection report and maintenance advice. The NI Fire & Rescue Service will check your fire doors when they’re carrying out a Fire Risk Audit of your premises. They will also want to see inspection reports.

If you are responsible for a house of multiple occupancy (HMO), the NI Housing Executive will inspect your doors and report.

Whether you need a new fire door installed or an existing one inspected… or if you just need a bit of advice, we can help.

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