Fire Extinguishers

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We Service, Supply and Inspect Fire Extinguishers

Any premises other than private dwellings are required by law to have fire extinguishers in place. How many, which types and where they should be situated is based on the nature and level of the fire risk, which is identified through a Fire Risk Assessment.

And getting them in place is only part of what you need to do.

Fire extinguishers need to be inspected annually by a qualified engineer who will issue a certificate as a record of the inspection. This is one of the things the NI Fire & Rescue Service will want to see when they’re carrying out a Fire Risk Audit of your premises.

Unfortunately, fire extinguishers don’t last forever. Some need to be refilled every five years, while others need to be fully replaced every ten.

Whether you need new extinguishers for your premises, or if the ones you already have need inspected, serviced or replaced… even if you just have a question, Fire Safety & Compliance NI can help.

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