Hydrants / Wet & Dry Riser


We Test Hydrants / Wet & Dry Risers

What are wet and dry risers? Risers are pipework that the fire service can connect a fire engine to at street level to allow them to pump water to a height, quickly and easily. They also provide connections inside the building – on landings – to which fire-fighters can connect to get access to water.

Buildings over 18m high require a dry riser; buildings over 55m, a wet riser.

Unfortunately, risers are often the subject of vandalism and damage and, therefore, need to be tested every six months by a qualified engineer, who will issue a test certificate. The NI Fire & Rescue Service will want to see your test certificates when they’re carrying out a Fire Risk Audit of your premises.

Fire Safety & Compliance NI are qualified to test and service both wet and dry risers.

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