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We Service and Install Passive Fire Stopping

What is passive fire stopping? Passive fire protection relates to the components of a building’s structure that are designed to contain or slow the spread of smoke and fire. It includes things like fire resistant floors, doors, walls and steelwork. Most of this is normally done when the property is being built.

If this passive fire protection is somehow breached, for example drilling through walls or floors for electrical, plumbing or air-con installation, then remedial fire stopping work may be required. Any such work must be completed with a FIRAS Installer Certification Scheme certificate of compliance issued on completion.

The NI Fire & Rescue Service will want to check your certificate when they’re carrying out a Fire Risk Audit of your premises. Your insurance company may also wish to see it.

Fire Safety & Compliance NI can bring your building up to the accepted standards for fire compartmentation to protect your employees and your business.

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